Do you know what is L'esprit de l'escalier?

strange phenomena that I experience most of the time

There are lots of things that I would really like to say, but on that exact time, I do not have the courage to say it. So this is where I'm going to burst these all out :)

Mind you. This is my blog. :)

You will see here pictures, quotes, my emotions, that would reflect what I feel and what I think.

That is why everything you see here, has a meaning to me. I might felt it too, I might think of it, random things, name it.
So I also consider this as my Online Journal :)
And I do have this alternate blog wherein I post my deepest emotion and thoughts :) Whenever I feel truly annoyed to someone, strong or mad emotion. You'll gonna see it at




Hindi naman ikaw yun nawalan, sya. Nawalan sya ng taong handang magseryoso sa kanya, nawalan sya ng taong tinangap sya kahit ang dami nyang mali na nagawa. Nawalan sya ng taong, minsan ginusto na itama yun maling nagawa nya. Kaya sa inyong dalawa mas lugi sya.

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Save mo naman yung Sept 21 para sa amin

And so I did. Because I feel like they really wanted to have a mini reunion and knowing that I am so busy, they told me to please reserve this day for them.

And here I am, in my room. Chilling. Because ive got no messages from them.haha people should be responsible with the invites they are making, same with people who are accepting invites.

Good thing I enjoy staying at home :3

Its crazy knowing that we have the same crush and yet we still love each other :)) imissu @tangerinelikethecolor ampayat mo dito :))

Its crazy knowing that we have the same crush and yet we still love each other :)) imissu @tangerinelikethecolor ampayat mo dito :))

Pinagpuyatan ko yang eyebags na yan :))

Pinagpuyatan ko yang eyebags na yan :))


Seriously. I don’t know why and it is not good. Good thing it already stopped.

Pressure. Deadline.

The Consequence Bothers Me

It makes me feel sad and worried. Worried because they dont know what could be the consequence for what they are doing and for what they want me to do. Im not mad, im just worried.