Do you know what is L'esprit de l'escalier?

strange phenomena that I experience most of the time

There are lots of things that I would really like to say, but on that exact time, I do not have the courage to say it. So this is where I'm going to burst these all out :)

Mind you. This is my blog. :)

You will see here pictures, quotes, my emotions, that would reflect what I feel and what I think.

That is why everything you see here, has a meaning to me. I might felt it too, I might think of it, random things, name it.
So I also consider this as my Online Journal :)
And I do have this alternate blog wherein I post my deepest emotion and thoughts :) Whenever I feel truly annoyed to someone, strong or mad emotion. You'll gonna see it at



May tumambay sa notifs ko :))

May tumambay sa notifs ko :))


yung friendship natin. Kinain tayo ng pride natin. Namimiss na kita.

I wanted to talk to you but I choose not to. Sabi mo dati natatakot ako na baka wala naman makakamiss sakin pag umalis ako, na wala naman affected, na wala naman malulungkot. Alam ko tama ako pero sabi mo akala ko lang yun.

Kaso anong nangyari? Tama na ba yung akala ko?

In a way I know it is my fault. It is my pride that keeps me from talking to you. Part of me is dying to get near you and it is so hard. Why should I always be the one to do the first move? I am sorry I choose not to. Because of this I will know if both of us treasure what we have, our friendship. 

They said you are leaving and I really don’t know that.


Of all people I would keep you. Only the two of you. You’ve both been there for me when I can’t even love myself. And now that I do, I hope I can still have you around. I don’t want this. It makes me sad knowing that we are on the same place and yet it feels like you are on the other side of the world.

But if this is your choice then I’ll let it be.

I miss you.

Wag mo ng ipilit kung ayaw talaga, dahil para ka lang TANGA na HUMIHILA ng isang pintuan na dapat TINUTULAK pala.